Anna Beaudry Photography

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  • Client: Anna Beaudry Photography
  • Date: February 2013
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Their story:

Anna and her team help businesses strengthen their brand through the use of powerful photography. We first came to know Anna while looking for professional photography piece to use on our corporate portfolio and we instantly fell in love with Anna's work.

The solution:

As a team we worked hard towards crafting a UX that enables the best possible human performance and competes with the high end Photography websites out there. Our research suggested that the best way to achieve positive outcome is to adopt a visually rich design approach. This requires defining a clear brand and developing a professional graphic content to accompany the development process.

Focus on Quality didn't come as a surprise. It was a must. In a city like Vancouver where half the population considers themselves recreational photographers, it takes more than just a body of work for a photographer to break out of the clutter and establish a professional online identity. We at synergy worked with our client towards building a sustainable, long lasting digital brand.

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