Brent Ray Fraser

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  • Client: Brent Ray Fraser
  • Date: January 2013
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Their story:

Award winning visual and performance artist Brent Ray Fraser is an established Vancouver painter, performer and multidisciplinary artist who is always searching to push boundaries and explore new possibilities. In order to connect with his fans digitally, Brent partnered with Synergy Web Design to develop a platform that translates both his persona and work through digital media.

The solution:

The Synergy team was excited to work with the boundary pushing artist, Brent Ray Fraser. From the beginning Synergy’s team knew we needed to organize his art work strategically to gain longer visits per visitor. Together we designed a visually pleasing and exciting website that captivated users and kept visitors wanting more. As a result, the functional platform assisted Brent in gaining the digital traction he was looking for. Once we crafted his new website, we worked side by side with the artist in building visual concepts, functionality and content strategy. The result is a stunning web 2.0 platform that enables Brent Ray Fraser to have a strong digital presence and connect with new audiences

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Brent Ray Fraser

Award winning visual and performance artist Brent Ray Fraser achieved national media notoriety from his controversial vandalizing technique of dipping luxury items in paint.

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