Web Design

Synergy Web Designs

Every Brand has a Story.

At Synergy Web Design we translate your story into a compelling and engaging website that will improve market presence, enhance brand awareness, meet your digital business objectives and engage customers.

Graphic Design + Branding

Helping clients build a strong and stimulating visual identity is what Synergy is all about. Our graphic design team specializes in giving your company the unique visual elements that will differentiate your organization’s identity from competitors. Whether you would like to brand or re-brand your company, Synergy Web Design strives to perfect your web identity to increase customers trust and create a professional brand image for your business.

Information Architecture + User Interface (UI) + User Experience (UX)

Organization is a key attribute when designing your websites architecture and user interface. With your approval, Synergy will build website blueprints and discuss how each page will be processed and navigated instinctively by your customers. With our practical aspects of UX design your visitors website experience will feel natural and easily translate your message, engage your audience and grow your business.

Responsive + Cross Platform Design

With the explosive popularity of smartphones and tablets in the past few years, Synergy Web Design will prepare you for this ever-evolving digital landscape. We specialize in fully responsive websites that are able to dynamically rearrange their content layout depending on the device the site is being viewed on. Our company site is fully responsive. Grab the corner of the browser window and resize it to see what we mean.

Photography, Motion Graphics and Video Production

You don't have professional photos to represent your product or service? Don’t worry, we thought about that. We work with professional photographers and videographers that will enhance your brand in either still or motion pictures. Our production services include professional photography, animation, professional interactive presentations, and video production.